• Persuit of Purpose

    Style Designer Version 1.0

    The idea for Style Designer was inspired by my desire to see more diversity and variety of styles in women fashion.

    As a technology consultant I spend most of my time re-designing IT-Processes to suit and to match their my client’s buisness process – a princile refered to as CUSTOMIZATION.

    Thus when I decided to follow my fashion dream the idea of creating “Customizable Designs” was the first thing on my mind. I wanted to apply this technology principle of Customization to a more scalable and tangible product. But it wasn’t just about creating Customizable Designs but also about offering the online consumer a flexible and user friendly platform via which they could customize these designs. Thus with Style Designer I am able to merge my profession and my passion and adequately apply several years of technological skills to the one thing I’m is most passionate about – fashion. I simply transfered the principles of Customization into my passion.

    StyleD Flyer2

    The soft version of the Style designer was launched on the 27th Sept. 2014.

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