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    Fashion Birthday |Style-Designer Softlaunch

    September 27th 2014 marked another important Milestone in my prursuit for purpose as I celebrated my Birthday and Launched my new innovative tool “Style Designer”.

    As friends and business partners garthered together I took the time to introduce Style Designer to them with and exclusive Demo. Here are some pictures of that memorable evenning.

    I am greatful to God for such awesome people and I do not take it for granted that time and time again, whenever I send out invites, the response and turn out is always so awesome. Thus I take this opportunity to thank everyone who has contibuted in one way or the other to make this a such. It is my prayer that God will continue to open the gates of heaven and shower you with unending favour.

    What is Style Designer? Read more about Style Designer [button href=”https://www.cokodiamond.com/style-designer-version-1-0/” colorstart=”#000000″ colorend=”#FFFFFF” colortext=”#FFFFFF” icon_size=”20″ class=”” target=”” color=”the-bizzniss-4″ align=”vertical” width=”normal” icon=”” ]HERE[/button]

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