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    Coko Diamond Philosophy

    Personality expressed through style!

    The brand Coko Diamond represents a unique combination of style and personality, tied together by a touch of uniqueness and elegance. The name CoKo Diamond does not only stand for the brand it represents, but also for the persona behind the brand – the fashion entrepreneur CoKo Diamond.

    Coko Diamond is the owner of Presema and runs her own clothing line called Coko Diamond. Her designs are unique and fashionable and are produced in her fashion atelier in Belin Schöneberg where she currently offers exclusive personalization services to her customers.

    She has a created a design that visibly transcends appearance and highlights the ferminine personality. In her creations she seeks to help the fashion concious woman to outwardly convey her personality and to radiate the way she feels. She describes her fashion creations as

    “An outward Perception of who you are and a Projection of what you want to radiate”

    The philosophy of the brand Coko Diamond “personality expressed through style” seeks to encourage diversity and help fashion loving women to express personal preferences through style – a concept which is slowly but surely becoming more interesting for the fashion industry in Berlin as Coko Diamond witnesses more and more women coming to her atelier to patronize her services – which she refers to as

    “Customizable Designs” – Expressing Personality through Style!

    With the concept of customizable designs she offers the customer the opportunity to introduce their PERSONAL taste and create a style that specifically matches with their fashion preferences. In her attempt to achieve this, Coko has come up with a revolutionary and innovative online tool called Style-Designer! via which her designs can be re-designed to suit the customer’s personal  preferences and thus create a wider diversity of styles. This tool will be available online soon. Stay tuned for more details.

    The idea behind Style-Designer is to create an online platform via which the stylish fashion woman can personalize Coko Diamond designs online and individualize them to create styles that go best with her unique personalities. For more about Style Designer click here.

    When asked where she derives inspriaration, CoKo Diamond’s response is:

    “I draw creativity from my African roots, strength from a personal but spiritual relationship with my creator and inspiration from my extreme feminity, bold, but romantic character. I desire to combine the feminine persona with adequate elegance and subtle sophistication and help the modern fashion woman to radiate what she truely feels through her style.”

    Dressing women primarily in elegant, retro-inspired Jumpsuits as well as in Afrolicious dresses and blending modern fabrics with lace, sequins and also contemporary Afro-Prints – in diverse colors, she has created an exclusive collection that seduces the romantic soul of a woman making the brand CoKo Diamond an indispensable luxury to every fashionable woman!

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