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    Welcome to my site! I am CoKo Diamond – a fashion entrepreneur living in Berlin Germany! I have my roots in Cameroon – west of Africa where I was born and raised.

    I recall (back in my teens) my early quest to create a style of my own – which initially was motivated by my desire to differentiate myself from the crowd. Growing up in an environment where the sense of fashion and style was mostly accredited to flashy and conspicuous color combinations but which – from perspective, was somewhat monotonous; uniform and unchanging, it is no doubt that I desired to stand out. Apparently I wasn’t the only teen with that desire – as I found out later. Thus, driven by my ultimate desire to be unique and to bring more diversity in what I at that time considered to be a colorful but uniform fashion, I quickly discovered my creative ability to combine different blends of fabric into unique pieces.

    January 1996 my bags are parked and I’m leaving my family and friends in my home country Cameroon for Germany to attend a german university with practically no knowledge of the German language. I am well dressed and looking smart at the airport as I kiss my parents farewell – not knowing I was seeing them for the last time. The shock as I arrive Germany is written all-over my face. Sure I’d been told it would be cold in January but how could I know it would be this cold? I wondered! My life journey began. Needless to say it was a life adventure right from the first year struggling with the German grammar all through to 6 years down the line as I graduated with a Master of Science in Computer and Information technology. I bet you are reading this article and wondering if the university I attended offered nothing better than some weird stuff like computer sciences… Well, I ask myself that question – time and again as well – and I guess I will come up with an answer sometime in the nearest future – maybe in another post. However let me reassure you that despite all the scientific and technical jamboree I found myself in during my university time, I did not let go of my passion for style nor of my inspiration and motivation to express myself through fashion.

    Another 10 years down the line, the third segment of my journey begins. I was a successful business consultant travelling the world. I had seen almost all there was to be seen in my domain. And just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, I had an encounter with the creator of the universe – God – who made me understand that it could get better! There was truly more to life than what I thought and believed to have seen. I came to understand that every person was created to live life with a particular purpose and that God put in each and every one of us the potential, gift, talent or enablement to successfully fulfill the purpose for which he / she was created and to excel in life. This totally changed my view of success.

    “True success is really when you identify the purpose for which you were created and fulfill that purpose successfully.”

    The moment you discover your purpose, you’ll automatically realize that you have in you all that you require: the necessary potential, talent or enablement you need in fulfilling that purpose. As a matter of fact you’ll realize that you’ve been carrying a specific “gifting” or “talent” in you all the while and didn’t realize it was for a particular purpose.

    So with this new discovery and way of thinking I sought to identity my purpose for being and that area of gifting or potential I have which will enable me accomplish my purpose successfully. Needless to say this discovery gave birth to PRESEMA and to the fashion entrepreneur Coko Diamond. The rest of the story is history…

    Of course there is more to Coko Diamond than can be written but this was meant to be a sneak preview – kind of an open window to the persona behind the curtain. I’ll share more of my stpry as time goes by.

    Find out more about me in this post 8 things about CoKo Diamond

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