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    Michelle | The elegant Circle Skirt

    Introducing Michelle – A must-have circle skirt for every fashionable woman.  I love to name my creations. Every piece of art I create usually is inspired by someone I admire. And this skirt is no different. I named this piece after the one and only Michelle Obama because just like our forever first lady Michelle, this skirt embodies elegance, diversity, and simplicity in a variety of ways.

    Elegance is one of the first adjectives that I use to describe Michelle Obama. She is simply elegant. Elegance is the quality of being graceful and stylish in appearance, manner or style. 100% my view of the beautiful Michelle!

    Diversity – “the quality or state of having many different forms, types, ideas, etc.” – is another word that depicts the nature of Michelle Obama. She always succeeds to take the form of whatever, whoever or whichever target group she is representing or associated with. She is strong when need be but soft and compassionate when required. The different variations and designs of this skirt depict her diversified taste of fashion and approach.

    Just every woman can find herself in one of the variations we offer. Depending on your mood, style, taste, culture, occasion, etc… you can combine the Michelle skirt to suit your individual and unique style as seen below.


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