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    Keep a dream in your heart

    The 22nd of March 2014 marked a very important milestone in my career as a Fashion Entrepreneur. I took a bold step of faith as I opened the doors of my Fashion Studio and Showroom to the public. Till the 1st of March 2014, I did all my creative work, sewing, photo sessions, business meetings, trainings, in my apartment – which did not have the flair of a creative space. Thus I felt the need to find an extra place where I can express myself both in creativity as well as in business ventures. The decision to step out was however a tough one. The “WHAT IF” question kept ringing in mind and I fought with it for quite a while until the beginning of the year (2014) when I was prompted to take action via a message my Pastor preached in church in which he encouraged us to identify those thoughts in the mind that bring fear and hinder us from taking the next step in achieving our dreams. I quickly realized that the next step towards my dream was currently being hindered by the fear of failure which was brought about by the “WHAT IF” question in my mind.

    I am certain we all have dreams. Some work on their dreams until they become reality and some let theirs fade away as the years go by. Very often our dreams seem bigger than we are but what we don’t realize is that we have the ability (enablement) to bring that dream to reality and that ability is much bigger than the dream itself. Bringing a dream to reality is a process with ordered steps and milestones; – some steps are longer while some are shorter, some are more complicated while some are less complicated, some demand external resources while some need just your input. No matter what step, I have learned to take one step at a time while I focus on the big picture – which is the fulfillment of purpose. At times we miscalculate some steps and completely miss the mark but that should never make you let go of your dream.  Just retrace your steps to where you missed it, make necessary corrections and try again. You don’t need to wait till all the resources you need are available to start – you might end up waiting till Jesus comes.  My advice is to start where you are.  And if the “WHAT IF” questions should come up, you can always respond with “WHAT IF NOT?”.

    Here are some examples of the “WHAT IF” questions that you might encounter:

    • What if it doesn’t work?
    • What if you can’t afford it?
    • What if customers don’t come?
    • What if something happens?
    • What if…? What if…? What if…?

    Believe me; these questions will come up at some point – either from your own mind or from loved ones who are “worried” about the step you are about to take. But how you respond to these questions, will either keep fear out or bring fear in. And faith and fear don’t work together. I started out by entertaining these questions and that infiltrated my spirit with fear which almost stopped me from taking a step that was very vital for my growth. But the moment I set to counteract it, I totally eliminated fear and could build up my faith to take the step. Today I’m enjoying the unending liberty of my beautifully decorated creative space and I’m grateful to God for it.  On the 22nd 0f March 2014, more than 60 friends, family and well-wishers streamed in to celebrate this memorable milestone with me…

    Here are some pictures of this memorable event.

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  • Reply Sophs 04/10/2014 at 10:29 pm

    Thank you for your inspiring words and your fantastic creations!!! AAAAND for just being you – you are in inspiration for all of us!

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