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    Introducing my personal fav of the season

    What do you wear when you are invited to Christaining party and you know you just have to look glam? Well for me it was a reason to introduce my personal favorite dress of the season – Mira named after a very talented, free spirited and elegant woman – who has been very supportive in promoting Coko Diamond designs and has made it a duty to dress up in Coko Diamond whenever she has the opportunity to. So this dress is for YOU – Miranda Oben!

    Why is this my personal fav of the season?

    Not only is this one of my fav Colours, but it’s the perfect a fit-and-flare dress with which you can show off your fabulous flair. Moreover it comes with a matching XL-Cluth big enough to throw in all the mini beauty accessories you need to take with you.- tablet and Camera included – yet in clutch format!

    Like all other Coko Diamond dresses this dress is also multi-customisable. That means you can pick and choose the colour of the fabric to combine with the pink torso and will be online soon for purchase.

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