• Persuit of Purpose

    How far can you see?

    Passion is a strong and essential drive for a successful business but without Ideas, your passion has nothing to feed on. It is the same with faith. Faith brings the unseen into visible realities but without hope, faith has nothing to feed on. Hope is a joyful and confident expectation or anticipation; it is the absolute sure certainty that what God has said about you is true and will surely come to pass. Hope creates a mental image of what you want to achieve; i.e. an image of the end result – while faith on the other hand transforms that image of hope into reality; i.e. it gives substance to what we hope for.

    So what is it you are hoping for? Can you visualize it? Can you create a clear mental image of the results you want to achieve? Can you enlarge the image to an extent that you feel like its about to leap out of your mind into reality?

    In my pursuit to achieve, I had this idea of having re-design DIY-Workshops in Berlin. The objective was to bring together women from around Berlin who had not heard of Coko Diamond before and give them Tipps and Tricks to PIMP-UP their old bags or re-design new bags to suit their personal preferences – what we refer to as personalisation. At first this sounds like a very easy milestone to achieve isn’t it? But try convincing the average woman out there to register, pay and attend a DIY-Workshop by some Coko Diamond. Coko who? -They will ask…

    You’ve surely been there before. You’ve had an idea that is actually a good steping stone for your personal developement but also for your business; You know what it takes to realize the idea. As a matter of fact you’ve gone through the event in your mind a couple of times… Still somehow you don’t really get to execute it. Well… welcome to the club! We’ve all been there before and thats exactly where I was with my DIY-Workshop. I had the idea, I knew what needed to be done, I had planned the event in my mind several times but I wasn’t doing it. This is the typically FEAR of FAILURE” syndrome. And I would advice you to deal with it accordingly.

    So what do you do?

    Plan it! See it! Do it!

    1) Write down your plan. Not only in your mind but on a sheet of paper. There is something very powerful about THE ACT of writing down a plan. It seals the deal. It helps to reconstruct and refine. It enables you to understand how feasible the plan is. The idea is not  really to write a full blown detailed plan, but to avoid planning in the mind alone.

    2) See what you want to achieve with the eyes of  your understanding (mind). Create a clear mental image of what you want to achieve. This is where hope comes in. Base your mental image on what you hope for – i.e. what your expectations are. Note that I didn’t say “an Image of HOW you want to achieve” but of WHAT you want to achieve – which is the end result. The “HOW” is God’s but the “WHAT” is yours to decide!

    The extent of your vision is the boundary of what you possess!! 

    So the question is: How far can you see?

    3) As soon as you can see your vision clearly, you must do something about it physically. Doing is an act of faith. Faith gives substance to what you hope for (according to Hebrews 11:1) – So you must step out and and take corresponding action – by faith!

    I planned it, I saw it and I executed it! They came and it was successfull. Now I have instituted a new wing to my business… DIY Re-Design Workshop! And here are some of the pictures…

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