• Persuit of Purpose

    God loves You!

    God is looking at your heart! The world may be looking at the package, the outward look, or even at your mistakes… just waiting to condemn you. But God is deep. He goes beyond what the world sees. He sees the heart behind the deed. He knows when you say “I’M SORRY” and truly mean it; when you say “I LOVE YOU” and truly mean it. He sees it when you GIVE with a generous and cheerful heart but also¬†sees when you give out of the wrong motive. He sees your heart and loves you – irrespective of the mistakes you make. This week the Lord has been teaching me about “The LOVE of God”. He LOVES US UNCONDITIONALLY – despite all else!
    And His Love never fails!
    He Loves you just the way you are. So Accept it! Believe it! And walk in it! GOD LOVES YOU!

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