• Persuit of Purpose

    Change is inevitable

    I have come to realize that comfort is an enemy to progress. If you want to progress then be ready to go out your comfort zone and embrace change. Because change becomes inevitable if you wish take a step forward or move to the next level. You cannot keep doing the same thing and expect different results. No. You must realize when it is time to make a change. So if for some reason your business has come to standstill despite all efforts, your family is breaking apart, your health is out of control, your finances are running dry, etc. then STOP! It’s time to make a change! And the only person that must make a change is you! It might cause some discomfort but I promise you – it’s only for a season and it shall come to pass. The only thing that should never change is your source which is GOD! He is the same: yesterday, today and forever! He will do a new thing in your life – but His Word remains the same! He is a faithful God and keeps to His word! Glory to His name forever!

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