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    Introducing Afrolicious

    The Afrolicious collection is my attempt to bring in african elements into the western / european fashion and create a colloction of african dresses that the modern african and european woman can feel comfortable with. I decided to take a reverse approach in which I kind of “africanize” the western or european couture instead of modernising or westernising the african couture. I play with fabric and colour in an attempt to create designs for the “western” and “african” fashion woman.

    The first afrolicious collection was launched on 02.12.2013. It consists of 5 selected oufits in simple designs but sophisticated combination of African Prints with unique contrasts for the modern woman. I was personally impressed at the media attention that this Collection received – as limited as it is. In this post I’ll introduce you to the five pieces that make up this collection.

    The following 3 dresses are for the smart office look – contrasting single cooured fabrics with African Prints to create a smart look for the business but colourful woman. If you are the typical mordern fashionista, then there is a probability that you love to look sharp even at your place of work. Very often thats not easy to achieve when you don’t really want to look like every other woman in the office. These make an alternative that will guarantee a certain degree of uniqueness.

    The following 2 dresses will bring in diversity into the evening look.


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