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    Michelle | The elegant Circle Skirt

    Introducing Michelle – A must-have circle skirt that every woman should have in their wardrope. If you have followed my creations for a while, then it should not be a surprise to you that I love to name my creations. Every piece of art I create usually is inspired by some one I admire. So why did I name this piece after the one and only Michelle Obama? Because just like our first lady Michelle, this skirt embodies elegance, diversity and simplicity in a way none other of my creations ever did. Thus qualifies to be named after the

    1) She is an absolute embodiment of ELEGANCE

    Whenever I see Michelle Obama, elegance is one of the first adjectives that I use to describe her. She is simply elegant. But what is Elegance? The word elegance is often used in fashion but very few people really understand its implication. Elegance is the quality of being graceful and stylish in appearance, manner or style. According to the Marriam Webster dictionary it is defined as “dignified gracefulness or restrained beauty of style”

    Elegance is

    2) She is a total embodiment of DIVERSITY

    Diversity is “the quality or state of having many different forms, types, ideas, etc.”. She is always succeeds to take the form of what whatever, whoever or which ever target group she is representing or associated with. She is a strong when need but soft and compassionate when required. The different variations and designs of this skirt depict her diversified taste of fashion and approach.

    Just every woman can find herself in one of the variations we offer. Depending on your mood, style, taste, culture, occasion, etc… you can combine the Michelle skirt to suit your individual and unique style as seen below.

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    Success is a way of life


    Very often situations in life will present you with unexpected detours that threaten to stop you from achieving the goals that are milestones on the path of your pursuit of purpose. Sometimes you’ll invest a lot of time and effort, just to end up right back where you started. Last week I was faced with one of such situations…

    Here is my story:

    I travelled from Berlin to Dallas prepared to participate at the Bree Moore fashion show which was scheduled for the 31st of August 2015. I had everything sorted out, all my designs were ready – after all I had just participated at the Berlin FashNet fashion show a couple of weeks before. As meticulous as I am, I had contacted an Air Freight Service to carefully ship my designs, tools and fabrics to Dallas even before I left Berlin. Upon arriving Dallas approximately one week before the show, I was faced with the reality of the fact that my shipment could not be located. Somehow it had disappeared between Berlin and Dallas.

    In great despair, my first thought was to cancel the show! Five days before the show and there still was no sign of my stuff showing up. Incidentally I had to choose to either cancel the show or get myself together and do 8 dresses in 5 days. In my frustration, I told myself there was no way I could make it. But eventually I could turn the frustration into an achievement…

    So how then do you transform this kind of frustration into an achievement?

    1. Make a decision

    Instead of directing your frustration at some person or object or situation outside yourself, look inward and make a realistic decision. When faced with such a decision, choose the path that strengthens you. Choose to learn, choose to grow, choose to more fully become who you are.

    Recognize that the energy of your frustration is attempting to validate and express some key positive value that you sincerely treasure.

    I looked within and I saw the treasure of perseverance that was so abundantly put within me and decided to brace myself up and do what it takes to bet at the fashion show.

    2. Get going – Quickly

    As soon as you make a decision, do something about it. Lock in your commitment with immediate action. At the moment you decide to do something positive and fulfilling, your passion is fully engaged. Keep that passion burning by acting on it right away.

    3. Meaningful effort

    Put the full power of your belief behind what you are doing. Follow what you are passionate about, and give the energy of your passion to it. Resolve to meet that challenge, and to do what you do in such a way that you can truly believe in it. Make every effort a meaningful effort, and enable those efforts to produce great and satisfying results.

    “Every sincere effort brings a valuable reward, even though the result may not be exactly as you planned. Getting there the fastest is not nearly as important as making the most of every moment.” – Ralph Marston

    I did put lots of effort, sleepless nights and my creativity was tried to its most! I realised that this situation provided an opportunity for renewed determination and commitment. With little resources and non-professional tools I was able produce satisfying results that I’m very proud of.

    Success is truly a way of life. If I could make it, then you can make it too – irrespective of where you find yourself and what situation is keeping you down. After all, you had the courage to get started in the first place and you have the determination to keep going – so just keep going no matter what.  Dream without limits, and act on those dreams. Live without excuses or apologies for your desire to succeed, but with a persistent, driving desire to make a difference.

    I dedicate this collection to all who supported me morally, spiritually and physically to make it happen. Your encouragement and your belief in my ability to make it is the ultimate fuel to my passion and my pursuit of purpose. THANK YOU! DANKE! MERCI! GRACIAS!

    Picture / Photography credits image001

    With Love from Coko Diamond!

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    DIY – An easy way to UP-Cycle your shoes with Fabric

    When it comes to fashion I prefer simple classic looks and I really don’t like spending money on uncomfortable shoes. But I really wanted to have something extravagant and conspicuous and after checking through the stores I realized they were all uncomfortable and really looked cheap! I am a DIY fan and love to try out new things.  So I decided it was time for a makeover.

    I have these old pair of shoes in my “OLD SHOES” closet.

    DIY-Shoes Up Cycle

    As you can see, these shoes are made of very soft and comfy leather, however I have only worn them a couple of times – because of the colour.  Not that I don’t like silver, its just hard to style with my everyday wardrobe. So I decided to give them some color.

    I considered all the options: spray paint, fabric, paper, even gold leafing. In the last DIY i used paper (a page from an old magazine) but this time around went with a mixture of paint, mod podge and fabric.  So are the steps:

    What do you need?

    • old shoes
    • Mod Podge (matt and outdoor)
    • paint brushes
    • fabric of your choice
    • scissors
    • exacto knife or rotary cutter
    • Masking tape


    Step 1: Mask the portions that don’t need paint with masking tape


    STEP 2: Apply paint to shoes


    Change the color of the shoe using paint. The paint will be sealed in a later step  so that it doesn’t wash away. I used acrylic paint because that’s what I had however I would advice to use leather paint.

    Apply on both pairs of shoes and carefully take of the masking tape.


    I went for Orange because I really don’t have anything in orange and considering that I wanted to have my shoes in a very flashy color, Orange just seemed to be the right choices.

    Step 3: CUT OUT FABRIC

    Wrap the fabric around the shoe to determine the size needed.


    Now cut the fabric as needed.




    Apply a layer of Mod Podge (mat) to the shoes and carefully cover the application with the fabric ensuring there are no air bubbles beneath the fabric. Then Put another layer of Mod Podge on top the fabric.


    Trim away the excess fabric from the edges. Consider using your rotary cutter and exacto knife.

    Now put another 2 or 3 layers of Mod Podge on both the paint and the fabric to seal the them.

    Wait until the Mod Podge is completely dry and your ‘new’ shoes are ready to wear!