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    My Story

    Welcome to my site! I am CoKo Diamond – a fashion entrepreneur living in Berlin Germany! I have my roots in Cameroon – west of Africa where I was born and raised.

    I recall (back in my teens) my early quest to create a style of my own – which initially was motivated by my desire to differentiate myself from the crowd. Growing up in an environment where the sense of fashion and style was mostly accredited to flashy and conspicuous color combinations but which – from perspective, was somewhat monotonous; uniform and unchanging, it is no doubt that I desired to stand out. Apparently I wasn’t the only teen with that desire – as I found out later. Thus, driven by my ultimate desire to be unique and to bring more diversity in what I at that time considered to be a colorful but uniform fashion, I quickly discovered my creative ability to combine different blends of fabric into unique pieces.

    January 1996 my bags are parked and I’m leaving my family and friends in my home country Cameroon for Germany to attend a german university with practically no knowledge of the German language. Continue Reading

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    Coko Diamond Philosophy

    Personality expressed through style!

    The brand Coko Diamond represents a unique combination of style and personality, tied together by a touch of uniqueness and elegance. The name CoKo Diamond does not only stand for the brand it represents, but also for the persona behind the brand – the fashion entrepreneur CoKo Diamond.

    Coko Diamond is the owner of Presema and runs her own clothing line called Coko Diamond. Her designs are unique and fashionable and are produced in her fashion atelier in Belin Schöneberg where she currently offers exclusive personalization services to her customers.

    She has a created a design that visibly transcends appearance and highlights the ferminine personality. In her creations she seeks to help the fashion concious woman to outwardly convey her personality and to radiate the way she feels. She describes her fashion creations as

    “An outward Perception of who you are and a Projection of what you want to radiate”

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    Welcome to my personal page! I am not an excellent writer but I hope you’ll enjoy browsing my site which, – at the present moment – is prety much still Work-In-Progress! The intent of this website is to comulate the inspiration behind the person CoKo Diamond as a Fashion Entrepreneur. It will serve as a plattform to document my adventure into the fashion business world. I will collect my thoughts, ventures, failures, successes, lessons learnt, DOs and DO Nots from my personal perspective. It is just a point of contact; my attempt to comunicate with you – yes YOU reading this post and I’m prety sure it will serve its ultimate purpose.

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